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Repairing cylinders with surface damage requires many years of experience. High precision work is required and it is extremely important that it is carried out professionally and economically. Unprofessional repair can have disastrous results, hence requiring that you demand quality and economic efficiency.

Here you can find samples of our work:

broken channel edge
damaged cylinder edge
damaged flexo centralcylinder
tools in cylinder
damage by slitter
repair of a piston rod
damaged bearring
rust on cylinders
broken extruder
damaged die lip
chill roll repair
different cylinder repairs



Cylinders are the most important parts of the machine. The more intelligible it is that maintenances are done by a professional and respactable company only. The save the enterprise troubles and extra costs ist is economically useful to get as much information as possible regarding the relevant company (employees´ qualification).

  • Repair of broken cylinder bearings
  • Repair of plate and rubber blanket cylinders
  • Repair of printing cylinders
  • Repair of oscillating ink rollers
  • Repair of calender rollers
  • Repair of cogwheels
  • Repair of lifting cylinders
  • Repair of piston rods
  • Repair of all rollers and precision cylinders
  • Repair of Plasma-coated rollers and cylinders
  • Repair of Cylinders with coarse coating
  • Repair of Rollers with Rilsan coating
  • Chill roll repairs and polishing
  • Repair of barrels
  • Repair of surfaces and cracks at die and die lips
  • Repair of adapters
  • Repair of cracks on screws

Please contact us whether you need our assistance for further applications.



To fix a damage on an expensive productions line is always an annoying incident. Not just the repairing charges incurred, the worse problem is the machine downtime. Therefore we are always anxious to fing economical ways of repairing. In case of damaged Chill rolls and other surfaces we developed a method to repair on-site and in built-in condition. Foreign bodies (i.e. screws, tools) in the cylinder, and storage accidents can damage cylinder surfaces. Normally this would require removal of the cylinder and repair at the manufacturer's works.
Thanks to our unique high-tech methods we can reduce the repair bills with on-site repairs without removing the cylinders. This means there are no additional costs for dismantling, transport, and repair, hence also considerably reducing machine downtime. Furthermore we are the only company in Europe that carries out repairs using the welding and tampon electroplating methods.


A welding technician welds The damaged spot/s are welded and polished after applying a material identical to the cylinder's material to avoid separation. The welding seam is milled off and polished using a milling attachment patented by us.

Tampon Electroplating

The shape of the repaired spot is restored by galvanic application of precious metals (such as nickel, chrome, copper etc.) and usage of precision measurement devices, developed by us. Dimensional stability is restored as well. The result is permanent and almost undetectable to the eye.

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